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Chairman Zhang Fenghua led the team to visit Messer Group

    May 2015, on invitation of engineering department of Germany Messer Group, Suzhou Oxygen Plant Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhang Fenghua led a four people team visited Messer Group. Chairman Zhang Fenghua had a very good communication with Managers of Engineering Department in Kreffield. Messer project manager first introduced company history and product construction of Messer Group, the two sides discussed how to strengthen the further cooperation and in-depth study of the expansion in cooperation space. Mutual commitment will cooperate in future project, joint efforts, optimization design, to achieve a win-win situation. Then Chairman Zhang Fenghua visited a set of running 10000 liquid air separation equipment of Messer Group in Siegen Germany. In Frankfurt Mr. Zhang met the Messer Group CEO Steven Messer and all senior leaders of Messer Group, the two sides made a frank opinion exchanges and enhanced mutual understanding, expressed the intention to expand cooperation. Chairman Zhang Fenghua formally invited Mr. Steven Messer to pay a visit of SOPC and Mr. Messer gladly accepted will be arranged for visiting SOPC in August this year.

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