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First Commissioning Success of New LNG Plant

On September 21, 2014, our LNG plant was successfully started up in the first time commissioning. It was supplied to China Gas Holding Company for Wuhu LNG emergency gas peak control project. The technical process is by natural gas self expansion through the pressure difference to liquefy the natural gas. The performance reached design index and exceeded contract technical requirements. Now it is under commercial running after the project acceptance by China Gas Holding Co., ltd.

This plant capacity is 90×104m3/d and 18% liquefying rate. The startup is very short and can produce liquid within 30 minutes after expander startup. The time from system pressurization to liquid production is within 1 hour. The plant flexibility is high, can adapt to the fluctuation of upstream and downstream flow and pressure, and can reach high liquefying rate.

Because this plant uses more advanced process and technology, it has advantage characteristics of low specific power consumption(0.045kWh/Nm3), high liquefying rate, big adjusting range, simple safe and reliable oepration, etc. So far, many natural gas companies have selected this new type plant by Suyang.

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